Neymar Instagram video about defending himself against rape accusation

Police in Brazil have confirmed they’re investigating a video posted by Neymar on Instagram during which he denies recent rape allegations made against him.

It was reported in Brazil on Friday that a woman has accused Neymar of raping her in a Paris hotel room on May 15, prompting the footballer to post a seven-minute video on social media denying the claim and showing some messages and pictures shared between himself and the woman.

Per ESPN Brazil, the country’s Civil Police have said they’re looking into the footage as Neymar’s video might have broken Brazilian law.
“The office for the Investigation of Cyber Crimes will investigate the alleged video disclosure by the player Neymar,” they said. “The 110th precinct has already taken steps to help during this investigation.”

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Instagram for social media marketing

This social media platform has a per-follower engagement rate that is 58 times higher than that of Facebook and 120 times higher than what you’ll find on Twitter. Anyone who is serious about building brand recognition can’t ignore the power of Instagram.

Instagram has become a social media with more than 1 billion users, and this makes it one of the most diverse and fastest growing social media platforms. Most importantly for you and your business, it has unlimited marketing potential. While those numbers still fall short of those on Facebook, it’s the engagement rate that makes the biggest difference. More people engage with advertisements on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter combined.

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Buy 2500 Instagram views

Do you feel demoralized when your posts don’t have the response you were hoping for? Even the most awesome Instagram posts can be swept away if they aren’t reaching high visibility on social media that they need to prosper. For instance, even identical pictures posted on a different Instagram pages may receive more enthusiasm and interaction on one account but be ignored on the other. This is partly due to algorithms that social media platforms, like Instagram, uses to give preference to profiles with higher interaction rates. While one post may spread like wildfire and gain a high number of views, likes and comments with ease, the same post on less popular account may not be as positive to receive so much people traction. That can be discouraging, especially for those who want their voices to be heard.

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Buy 2500 Instagram followers

Sometimes you may find a person who is following more than a thousand people and his/her followers are only a hundred. This is a common phenomenon as some people think that someone will follow you back as soon as you follow him/her which is not the case. There is, however, a better way of gaining followers without having to follow them first which is buying them. You can buy any amount of followers you like and increase your activity on Instagram instantly.

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