Instagram Competition Strategies

Instagram contests are a wonderful means to produce even more followers and also drive more engagement within your network of Instagram Fans.

Yet relying on the kind of business you have, what time of the year it is, as well as what your marketing objectives are, different types of Instagram hashtag contests will make good sense for different types of companies.

Placing your Instagram hashtag contest around an occasion is a wonderful way to develop a buzz around the occasion itself along with collect user-generated content pertaining to the occasion for future use.

Popular Instagram hashtag contest occasion kinds consist of marathons, Christmas markets, New Year’s events, political elections, store launches, and also many more.

An Instagram hashtag contest put on by the garments brand name Canada Goose at the 2015 Sundance Film Celebration. Within their contest, they asked individuals at the film festival to submit an Instagram picture identified with #AskAnyoneWhoKnows inside a giant snow world that they had actually established inside of the event.

By running this Instagram contest, Canada Goose was able to make its mark at the Sundance festival and also accumulate a ton of customer involvement around their brand name.

Weather Based
Just as the United States Post Office operates “Neither snow nor rain nor heat neither gloom of evening”, your Instagram hashtag competition can run in any condition, any time of year. Actually, you can even utilize the weather condition to your benefit when creating your Instagram hashtag competition.

The apparel company Helly Hanson did a fantastic job of this when they ran their Instagram hashtag contest called #WELOVERAIN.

The #WELOVERAIN project was based around welcoming the outdoors and all that involves.

They asked their users to submit an Instagram picture of themselves appreciating the outdoors with the #WELOVERAIN for a possibility to win a trip to Norway.

By running this Instagram competition, Helly Hanson was able to produce over 370 entrances and was able to stay top of mind for customers entering into the stormy period.