Simple Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Now, you have been wondering why your website does not attract the volume of traffic that you hoped for and yet you thought you had one of the best designs ever? Maybe you should take time and look at how your site really works. It is no one’s mistake that you went for the most expensive designer you found. The only mistake you probably made was assuming that expensive means better. This is hardly true especially when no one seems to pay attention to your site. Apart from excellent graphics and great content, a good website needs to incorporate certain elements and avoid some.

Naturally, any business that sets up a website is targeting to make profits. This cannot be possible if the site does not command great volume of traffic. So what do you do to ensure that you have a website that can generate high volume visitors? The first thing to do is to have a site that is professionally done in a catchy and user friendly way. You cannot make it big in the virtual world if no one bothers to look at your site. But with a perfectly designed website you stand a greater chance of getting rewarded by the countless opportunities that exist on the internet. So as I have already mentioned above, the surest way to kill your business is to come up with an expensive but an unattractive and difficult to use site. A defective website is a real killer to many businesses.

Some of the simple but common mistakes you should avoid when having your website designed include poor navigation, long and slowly loading pages, using garish graphics and many advertisements and worst of all low download time. The attention span of many internet users is always so short and when people look for information online they want it sooner than yesterday. A website that is difficult to navigate would simply make visitors to click on. The secret is to make it simple and user friendly as possible.

Many users find it tedious to scroll down lengthy pages. If you have lots of information, divide and split this up in different pages. Never allow this information to be outdated by constantly reviewing and updating your website. Nothing puts visitors off as much as useless information. This also applies to download time. Avoid pages that take eternity to load because this will simply send users away. Too many ads that are a distraction would simply annoy users. You should try to strike a balance between the content on the page and the ads so that it is engaging enough.

So next time you are thinking of a website, think also of a website marketing company Sydney That will help you get a perfect and great website. You cannot afford to have a defective and unappealing website in the current competitive business environment on the net. You can avoid making web design mistakes by visiting for professional help.